A one-day interdisciplinary conference taking place on Friday 20th June in the Ellen Wilkinson Building, Graduate School, University of Manchester, room C1.18

Registration from 09:00am for a 09:30 start, for pdf see: O+R programme.

09:30   Session 1: Archaeology of Remembering

Chair: Jonathan Gardner (UCL)

09:30   Holding the Baby: embodied memory and the ambiguities of Roman votive           objects

Emma-Jane Graham (Open University)

09:50   Memorialising Destruction: empty space as a reminder of past events

Emilie Hayter (University of Manchester)

10:10   The Silbury Hill Bracelet: an early heirloom artefact? (or, ‘What’s a Bronze Age   bracelet like you doing in a Roman context like this?’)

Nicola Hembrey (English Heritage)


11:10   Session 2: Memorial Legacies and Inherited memories

Chair: Ed Owens (University of Manchester)

11:10   Dolls and Ephemera: Memory & Imagination in the Objects of Elizabeth Gaskell’s   House 

Jenna Ashton (University of Manchester)

11:30   Public Images and Effigy: The Enduring Nature of the Human Effigy throughout   European History

Natalie Armitage (University of Manchester)

11:50   Books, Libraries and the Material Memory of Twentieth-Century British Marxism

Cath Feely (University of Derby)

12:30  LUNCH

During lunch speakers and delegates are invited to visit the Whitworth Park community dig exhibit at Manchester Museum, 5 minutes’ walk from the conference venue: Melanie Giles, who coordinated the project, will be on hand to show you around.

13:30   Session 3 – Curating Memory Objects

Chair: Fliss Winkley (UCL)

13:30   Sensory Conversation partners: Objects to think, feel and remember with

Bruce Davenport (Newcastle University)

13:50   “A History of the World Imperfectly Kept”: earth science objects and     remembering

Hannah-Lee Chalk (Manchester Museum)

14:10   Whitworth Park community dig: conducting and displaying

Melanie Giles (University of Manchester)


15:10  Session 4 – Approaches to Memories of Upheaval

Chair: Rosy Rickett (University of Manchester)

15:10   “Relics” and remembering the First World War: the memorial significance of         objects in the Imperial War Museum, 1918-1939

Alys Cundy (Bristol University)

15:30   Out of the Ordinary: Exhibiting Objects of Migration

Susannah Eckersley  (Newcastle University)

16:00   Keynote speakers, Layla Renshaw (Kingston University) and Gabe Moshenska (UCL) present their research.

16:40   Closing remarks and discussion


Atrium of the Graduate School, Ellen Wilkinson



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