Keynote Speakers

Gabe Moshenska is a lecturer in Public Archaeology at UCL. His work looks at the civilian experience of warfare, focusing on the British Home Front in the Second World War. This includes an ongoing fieldwork-based project on air-raid shelters and extensive historical research on children and the material culture of violence.  He has written extensively on the theory of conflict archaeology including issues of memorialisation, education, human remains and research ethics. His current research aims to provide a historical context for the development of public archaeology in Britain over the past two hundred years.  This research will focus on popular encounters with archaeological processes and materials, from nineteenth century mummy-unrollings to twenty-first century webcams on excavations.  He has published a number of books, articles and papers on these subjects, including The Archaeology of the Second World War (2013) 

Layla Renshaw is the Principal Lecturer in Forensic Science at Kingston University London. Her research and teaching combines both the scientific and social study of death and burial, with a focus on post-conflict and human rights investigations. After working on a range of archaeological projects, she undertook training with the United Nation’s International Criminal Tribunal for former-Yugoslavia, working on the exhumation and identification of war victims in Kosovo. She has also worked in a consultative capacity for a number of UK police constabularies, working on human identification. Her PhD examined the impact of the recent exhumation of mass graves from the Spanish Civil War and she carried out field work in Spain between 2003 and 2008. Publications include: Exhuming Loss: Materiality and Mass Graves of the Spanish Civil War (2011)


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